The XVIIIth INTOSAI Congress held in Budapest in 2004 adopted a strategic plan for the period 2005-2010 with a vision to Promote good governance by enabling SAIs to help their respective governments improve performance, enhance transparency, ensure accountability, maintain credibility, fight corruption, promote public trust, and foster the efficient and effective receipt and use of public resources for the benefit of their peoples”. The Strategic Plan includes the setting up of four strategic Goals. Goal 3 underscores the importance of knowledge sharing to continuous improvement.

With regard to Goal 3, which consists of number of Working Groups/Task forces, this Plan did not envision the need for a new Committee with an overarching responsibility for Goal 3.

The XIX INCOSAI held in Mexico in November 2007 adopted a proposal to create a Knowledge Sharing Committee (KSC), so that Goal 3 would be consistent with the other three Goals in the Strategic Plan.

The Comptroller & Auditor General of India was designated as the KSC Chair and the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation was elected to be the liaison for Goal 3.

According to the Strategic Plan of INTOSAI the mandate of the Knowledge Sharing/ Knowledge Services (Goal 3) is to ‘Encourage SAI cooperation, collaboration, and continuous improvement through knowledge sharing, including providing benchmarks, conducting best practice studies, producing audit guidance material  and performing research on issues of mutual interest and concern.
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